About us

At Chandana Beauty World, we understand that beauty is a personal journey, and we are here to guide you every step of the way. Our team of skilled and passionate professionals is committed to delivering exceptional services tailored to your unique needs and preferences.

Welcome to Chandana’s Beauty World

About Us

Chandana Academy was established on AUGUST 2016 . We are dedicated to creating a Academy that offers the latest trends and styles while keeping a warm and friendly atmosphere at Chandana Academy.we are also dedicated to, making you look and feel your best. Come in and we will create a great new look for you and teach you how to maintain your look until you return to the salon. Our experienced stylists are dedicated to making sure all of our students are learning well. Come in and see us today we can add highlights to your life…

A studio is an artist’s sacred space. By Ranging to ourselves as a studio we hope to create an environment where our own artists, our talented technicians, can let their imaginations and creativity roam free so that they, and by extension you, love the work they do. 11 has signifies one on one service as we believe salon & spa service should be a very personalized service.

To dedicate ourselves to students’s delight and to stay on top as a premium salon & spa brand, reckoned with boutique ambiance, luxurious service and fanatic customer care.To make a world-class salon & spa experience an affordable luxury, delivered right at the convenience of customer’s neighborhood.

Chandana’s Academy Owner

The face of Indian hair styling, Chandana Academy is renowned for his association with fashion.Innately a creative, flamboyant and vivacious person,She is an ultimate optimist with an amazing zest for life.

she is believes that education can add value to any profession. That is why, he started a academies where young hair stylists are trained and moulded every day. Not only are they taught the intricacies of hair styling, but are also trained on providing excellent service experience to the customers.

Her belief is that learning is a never-ending process, and hence, encourages brushing up one’s skills and knowledge every once in a while. In fact, he, too, hones his skills and keeps learning every day.She attributes success in this profession largely to education.